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We are storytellers and brand builders

Everything we do, starts with a great story and from there we take our creators on a journey to forging a successful IP.

Our Mission

We want to develop & produce new IP’s and help creative talents to open doors to commercial success, as enablers and bridge builders between “concept” and “brand”.


IP Creation, development, financial engineering, production, distribution and much more.


Firmly rooted in strong story telling, with unique, diverse and strong characters and always striving for a high production quality.

We are a Leonine Company.

Meet the partners


Ulli Stoef

Ulli Stoef started his career in the field of toys and games with Schmidt Spiele and held after positions as Managing Director at Universal Studios Consumer Products Merchandising GmbH, Managing Director at CTM Concept-TV & Merchandising GmbH, Chief Executive Officer  m4e and Studio 100 Media as well as Chairman of the Group content committee. 
Ulli is also a producer and brand builder of many brands, e.g. “Mia and me”, “Huntik”, “How and Why” TV, “Level Q” and many more.  He had a hand in various successful brands, such as "Mia and me", "Wissper" and "Tip the Mouse", which were created and/or co-produced and managed by him and his team at m4e AG.

Jo Daris

Jo Daris started his career in large FMCG companies, ending up at Hasbro in a role as European Sales Director for Trading Cards and Trading Card Games.  From there, he joined Studio 100 to build up the international business for them, which resulted in the acquisition of EM Entertainment and the opening of Studio 100 Animation in France.  He then joined Ulli at m4e. Simultaneously he also worked for Belgian prodco Fobic Films.

As a producer Jo is best known for Wissper, Level Q, Knightball, Jinnrise, Monika’s Garden and for various prime time series and theatrical releases in Belgium.

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