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Hit show Monster Loving Maniacs sold to kids’channels across Europe

Launches planned in France, Hungary, Latvia, the Basque Countries and Belgium

Toon2Tango, a Leonine company, and Mondo TV Group, one of the largest European producers and distributors of animated content, have announced another raft of new sales for the clever, original and very funny kids’ animation Monster Loving Maniacs, produced by JA Film, in co-production with Mondo TV, Belvision and Ginger Pictures in collaboration with Toon2Tango.


The show has been bought by several broadcasters serving key European territories, including France, Hungary, Latvia, the Basque Country and Belgium.


In France the first season has been sold to premium French pay TV broadcaster CANAL+ for showing on children’s channel CANAL+ Kids, in a pay-TV and SVOD deal. The agreement covers both France and a number of French-speaking territories.


In Hungary RTL Klub, a free-to-air television channel owned by RTL Group that serves a younger audience, has agreed basic cable rights to the programme.


TV3, a popular service in the Baltic region, will broadcast the show in Latvia through an exclusive free-to-air deal and a non-exclusive VOD agreement, while, in a deal brokered by Mondo TV Studios, part of Squirrel Media Group, the Basque Autonomous Community's public broadcast service will broadcast the show free-to-air throughout the Basque Country in northern Spain.


VRT’s Ketnet, the Flemish-language public children's television channel in Belgium owned and operated by Flemish public broadcaster VRT, will broadcast the show free-to-air and on its digital platforms.


All these broadcasters are expected to launch the show during 2024.


Now available in over 130 countries, Monster Loving Maniacs had its worldwide premiere on leading free-to-air kids’ channel CBBC in the UK in October 2022. It has ranked consistently among CBBC’s top shows, with a peak of 40% linear market share and the top spot.


The show, commissioned by leading public broadcasters SUPER RTL of Germany and DR of Denmark, is already a ratings success with many international audiences.


Super RTL launched the show on the 6th of November 2023 in Germany and GAS. Cezar TV in the Czech Republic, Noga in Israel, MBC3 in MENA, True Visions in Thailand, and Canela Kids in Spanish-speaking US and Latin America have all signed up to broadcast the show.


Broadcasters have been attracted not just by the original themes and the show’s appeal to kids and family alike, but also by the show’s focus on values like inclusion, open-mindedness and tolerance – and, of course, the humour arising from the generational clash at the core of the show.


In Monster Loving Maniacs (52 x 11 2D full HD), kids are invited to join Edith, Ernest and Bo, three siblings who are being trained as monster hunters by their tough old grandfather. These kids are massive horror fans who love dangerous paranormal creatures, which doesn’t quite match their grandfather’s old-school ideas. So, as soon as grandpa takes one of his many naps, they look for a way to save the monsters rather than hunt them.


Monster Loving Maniacs is an animated comedy for 6-10 year-olds. It is exciting and funny, has lots of monsters and it looks amazing. It also touches on bigger themes, like families, relationships and coping with our fears.


These new launches are further proof of the universal appeal of the show, says Matteo Corradi, Mondo TV CEO, who explains: “This beautifully designed and animated show combines relatable themes like family and understanding of others with a highly original – and extraordinarily funny – story about monster-obsessed kids. It’s already found big audiences in over 130 countries and, as these major deals indicate, many more are on the way.”


Ulli Stoef, Chief Executive Officer, Toon2Tango, adds: “Monster Loving Maniacs delivers so much: humour, excitement, appealing characters and a great look, combined with engaging storylines and an ingenious theme. The ingredients for a big hit are all there – and clearly, we’re not the only ones who think so! We’re delighted that it has already been embraced in so many countries – and looking forward to welcoming many more!”


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