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Toon2Tango announces SUPER RTL as commissioning broadcaster for its new CGI series Agent 203

February 02, 2021

The first Spy-Fi animated kids’ show to arrive in 2022

Toon2Tango, the new kids’ and family entertainment venture by long-time television and movie experts Ulli Stoef and Jo Daris, has announced that leading German free-to-air television network SUPER RTL has commissioned its new CGI show AGENT 203 – a clever, highly original and very entertaining co-production for kids that offers a brand-new take on the new and original concept of Spy-Fi.

The new show is created by Damjan Mitrevski and co-created by Toon2Tango’s Jo Daris and Ulli Stoef. The show will be produced by Toon2Tango and co-produced by Toon2Tango’s strategic partner Mondo TV and both companies will be jointly responsible for the worldwide distribution of all rights. An extensive L&M strategy is underway and discussions with wordwide toy partners are in the works.

AGENT 203 is a CGI adventure comedy series of 26x 22’ in the all new and original genre of Spy-Fi for six-to-ten-year-olds girls and boys. Our hero Zoe’s teenage problems just went galactic…when she became an ultimate intergalactic undercover spy agent. She and her team have to follow in her father’s footsteps and protect planet earth against a hostile take-over by the evil General Gore and his team of aliens.

There’s fun, excitement, humour and adventure in this smart and funny show as well as action, character-driven comedy and a big heart.

Headwriter is Mike de Seve, assisted by story consultants Jamilla Metran and Alice Burden. Lead designer and director of the show will be Damjan Mitrevski.

This announcement comes at a busy time for Toon2Tango, which has a number of properties in development and on the heels of the recently announced deals with ZDF Enterprise/ZDF for Grisú as well as Monster Loving Maniacs with SUPER RTL.

Toon2Tango’s Jo Daris and Ulli Stoef say: “We had the pleasure of sharing our creative view for this concept with the team at SUPER RTL and we’re extremely happy that the efforts led to todays announcement that we will be teaming up with SUPER RTL, one of Germany’s leading and longest-established names in kids’ entertainment, for this wonderful show. AGENT 203 is adventurous, fast-moving and full of great ideas. The writing, design and animation are sharp and funny and we look forward to working with SUPER RTL’s team in order to bring this exciting show to the small screen.”

SUPER RTL’s Chief Content & Revenue Officer Thorsten Braun adds: „Agent 203 is a great fit for Super RTL: a strong female protagonist who has to struggle with the everyday life of a 13 year old high school girl – while having to save the earth from an alien villain together with her friends. After the first creative steps went smoothly, we’re really excited to take this series into production alongside Toon2Tango’s highly professional team.”


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