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Hey Fuzzy Yellow

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​​A show like you haven't seen before. It's an unconventional curriculum designed show to equip children with 21st century skills and an approach that mirrors the parenting values of Millennials.  The format is hybrid, a show with a red thread running across the segments, set up in the introductory cold open & narrative story, which comes to a close at the end of the episode.  In between we have various segments in four groups: the arts, academics, exploration and logic/emotion.  HFY sits in a place where no other show sits: in spite of it being strongly curriculum driven, it is also the funniest pre-school show you have seen in a long time.  Finally, it is worth mentioning that music is also an essential element of the show, as it is in pre-schoolers' lives. 

HEY FUZZY YELLOW is a one of a kind show. It stands out, because it is different.
The show is built around a central theme that is set in the initial narrative part of the show. That part is then followed by individual segments categorized in 4 main blocks: the Arts, Academic Skills, Creative Expression and Social-Emotional Skills.

We want to show the kids watching the show, that there are many different approaches to a subject and every individual will find one that suits his or her talent and interest. Every child has the right to learn to express itself in a way that feels natural and good. HEY FUZZY YELLOW will show them that way and finding that way will help to build self-confidence.

So, all of that, with a sauce of good, honest fun, lots of laughs and craziness, jokes and funny twists. We give you a new star in a new genre, which we like to call: FUNTAINMENT.

The show is unique in so many different ways, just like children are unique in so many different ways.

a co-production by Toon2Tango (DE), Curiosity Ink Media (US), Hotel Hungaria (BE) and Treehouse Republic (IRL)
distributed by Toon2Tango

co-funded by the European Union and Screen Ireland










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