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Hans Ulrich Stoef sashays with "Toon2Tango"

July 1st


Kids Veteran Launches New Company, Toon 2 Tango

Renowned kids’ entrepreneur Hans Ulrich Stoef (Ulli Stoef) has launched a new worldwide television production and distribution operation Toon 2 Tango GmbH & Co. KG. Founded and headed by Hans Ulrich Stoef, former CEO of m4e and Studio 100 Media in Munich, Toon 2 Tango is poised to take the international television market by storm.

With offices in Munich Toon2Tango will specialise in IP creation, development, production, distribution and brand building within the kids and family entertainment sector. The new company will also look to co-financing and acquiring quality programming with strong international appeal.  Under the direction of Ulli Stoef, Toon 2 Tango will be positioned as a major worldwide . operation across all children’s and family entertainments

IP’s offering high quality content with strong story-telling and unique characters at its core.


Upon making the announcement of the company’s launch, Ulli Stoef commented, “This is an incredibly exciting venture to build Toon 2 Tango from the ground to a leading player in the field. Working in the international television and movie arena for over 30 years, Toon2Tango represents a personal challenge and I am very pleased to continue working with my friends and network partners around the world. I’m keen to utilise the vital and unique experience I have gained working in this great industry. We want to explore, develop and produce new IP’s and help creative talent to open doors to commercial success”.

Ulli Stoef began his professional career in the toys and games sector with German games publisher Schmidt Spiele and held several positions thereafter including Managing Director and shareholder at Universal Studios Consumer Products Merchandising GmbH and CTM Concept-TV & Merchandising GmbH, Chief Executive Officer and founder at m4e AG. He became Chief Executive Officer of Studio 100 Media in 2017 when Studio 100 Group, Belgium acquired a majority stake in m4e. He was also Chairman of the Group Content Committee. As a producer and brand builder he was responsible for many brands, including Mia and Me, Huntik, How and Why TV, Wissper, Tim Thaler and Tip the Mouse. Ulli Stoef also had a hand in various successful brands, including the hit franchise Mia and Me, Winx Club, Monster Allergy, Sitting Ducks, Digimon, Dragonball Z and Hamtaro which were created and/or coproduced/or imported and managed by him and his team at m4e AG and CTM.

Mondo TV Group and Toon2Tango forge a major partnership

June 20th


Major TV and merchandise opportunities beckon for important new international alliance


Mondo TV Group, one of the largest European producers and distributors of animated content and German company Toon2Tango GmbH & Co. KG., the new kids and family entertainment venture founded by television and movie industry legend Hans Ulrich Stoef (Ulli Stoef), have announced a major strategic cooperation agreement.


The alliance will focus on developing, producing and distributing unique and high-quality programmes with strong merchandise appeal. In fact, Toon2Tango will develop for Mondo TV Group at least eight new animated TV series in the next four years which Mondo TV Group and Toon2Tango will co-produce and distrubte; a number of projects are already being evaluated. The alliance will target the international market, where Mondo TV’s main focus will be on Southern Europe and Asia, while Toon2Tango will manage Northern and Central Europe and the English speaking territories.


Distribution and licensing and merchandising rights will vary according to the territory. The parties will cooperate on multi-territorial deals, but will operate independently in some countries according to their core market strengths. Most importantly, the co-producers will co-own the underlying IP whereby Toon2Tango will be responsible for the brand identity of the shows.


This is an important development for both parties. It establishes Toon2Tango as a major force in children’s entertainment only a short while after its launch. For Mondo TV it continues the Group’s drive to develop high-quality partnerships with some of the finest talent the world has to offer. For both parties this is an opportunity to build new, high-quality and successful cross-media brands.


Ulli Stoef CEO and executive producer of Toon2Tango, has been a major name in the international television and movie arena for over 30 years as CEO of companies such as Studio 100 Media, m4e AG, Tele Münchens’s CTM and Universal Studios CP Germany. He has also gained fame as a producer of many highly successful IPs, including Mia And Me, Tip The Mouse, Wissper, How and Why TV, Tim Thaler to name only a few.


Matteo Corradi, managing director of Mondo TV, stated: “This is a very important alliance for the Group, helping us to build a stronger presence for Mondo in Northern Europe through a partnership with a notable new force in children’s and family entertainment led by an experienced and highly regarded industry figure. We are proud to be working with Mr Hans Ulrich Stoef, one of the most respected personalities in our industry, in his new venture. We look forward to a long and successful partnership.”


Ulli Stoef, CEO and executive producer of Toon2Tango, stated: “We are extremely thrilled with this strategic partnership. Right from the start it offers Toon2Tango the opportunity to develop and produce a slate of projects which has solid financing via one of the leading producers and distributors in Europe. It is our utmost goal to produce world class shows and films and thus build a strong portfolio of IP’s which will will travel through out the world. We look forward to announcing the first projects and productions very soon.”